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    I have decided to continue writing 2000 words a week, following the Novel Writing course requirements I finished last week. Now that’s not really very many words, I thought at first. But in a ten week course, well it’s 2000 x ten – makes 20 000 which already sounds a lot more impressive, right? And because I was advised that for a first draft it’s about getting words down, I have found it’s very do-able, even when ‘life gets in the way.’

    This also means that because, as a writer, we were told in OU that we need to write every day, no matter how much we get down, (and believe me, it won’t be the same amount every day, at least not in my books – pardon the pun) I now have a choice: I can work on my poems or write my novel words or write on my blog, depending on what mode I’m in.

    My favourite quote of the week sums it all up. It’s a Mexican Proverb I came across in poem-a-day. I thought of my words as seeds and that there’s nothing stopping them now – as long as I plant them on the page they will grow into something. It brought me an image of my words growing, no matter what. I find that very motivating indeed 🙂

    “They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.”
    —Mexican Proverb



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