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    I have spent the past few days trying to write write write, NaNoWriMo style and luckily they offer advice on how to mobilise. I was getting a bit stuck in the rut.

    So I decided to do a character study of the other characters in my story. You know, to fill in the backstory and to understand their relationships to my protagonist. Also, I might add, to find out whether they are needed at all within the story. Sometimes people appear and they shouldn’t really.

    I found out some interesting things:

    One of my main side characters, has an amazing story of her own. I got lost looking up details about her studying years and what her dreams were and what she ended up becoming. Her husband too, the father of my protagonist. It’s rather excellent to see these new ranges of possibilities roll out in front of me.

    I wrote a thousand words or so each as a monologue in character and found out some background information for the story-line. It’s a great feeling when things start slipping into place. They were there all along, just needed a different angle, another pov to jump out and make themselves known.

    Now funnily, this goes hand in hand with a recent observation in my dealings with my daily rut, which is definitely not my forte that sometimes (well, more often than not) it’s better to wait things out (of course the kids are old enough, they’ll find a way to compromise) sleep over it (that really expensive bag, do I really need it? I dreamt about it so er – yEs), observe (I was only trying to be nice, no need to yELL at me) and wait some more (sh, the word’ll come to me, it will..) –

    the power of the subconscious mind. I really think it’s all there, the answers, the stories, the connections. When I trick my mind by side-stepping then it does its work and ping, the words appear, the name jumps out, the kids play a game together and and I get an extra hour to write. 🙂

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