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…where writers grab their muse to get back in the groove

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Karin and yes I do want an apple tree but not for the apples (though I do like a friendly apple or the odd slice of apple cake) more for the idea. Of having an idyllic setting for me to sit under where my muses and I can find back to their groove. A place where I can laugh at procrastination – a place where I can type without any distractions while the apples or, more ideally the ideas, hit me as I work on the editing phase of my first novel.


My life is full of contradictions. I am a writer who procrastinates, a mother who likes to have a bath, a dreamer who doesn’t plan, a fun-loving, loquacious, possibly effusive but oftentimes irked mum who thrives in the peace and quiet of a sleeping household. Though this all worked out fine for me, for many a year, somehow, now that the kids are out of their nappies, and the age thing has set in, life seems to have passed me by as people around me acquired jobs and houses, published poems and novels, and basically started leading lifestyles that left me sipping my coffee in cafés around town all on my lonesome. Something had to change. I had to change.


Two years ago, for my fiftieth birthday I decided it was time to take control (find out how in my first new post.) Finding back to the balance of my inner super-girl, with the experiences I have made, I can safely say that things are definitely looking up. In fact, I absolutely believe that it’s ok to do things out of synch with everyone else, and especially, that it’s ok to embrace, incorporate, fuse (yes, I also love my online thesaurus) your inner creative at whichever (age-) stage you are at, in your life.

My way is ok,

has become my motto and I’d love to help you reconnect with your inner super-girl to find what works best for you, one published poem, novel and dream job at a time. So:

bring on the muses and lets have some fun!

Welcome to my blog of re-connecting with forgotten dreams and thanks for stopping by.

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