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  • oops weD alReady?..

    This weekend has zapped by, I apologise for the delay – this means

    I’m going to have to think of a better strategy to keep my Mondays and Thursdays fixed dates for posting.

    It might be worth trying the mini habit theory I’m learning from the online fitness coach – make a habit out of something small by:

    choosing a do-able goal
    making sure I REALLy want this
    mark each day on the calendar with a tick when I manage

    I’m finding the amount of sitting that seems to go hand in hand with writing rather (sorry) tiresome. We talked about this in the Paris Writer’s Workshop in September and I found out that many writers actually stand when they write. Hemmingway did, apparently. Great idea, and I followed suit. Wrote standing for a few weeks but then I started forgetting. Fell back into olD habits..

    maybe also to do with the fact that standing in a restaurant or café would seem rather odd – just standing up to make one or two phone calls after one and a half hours of sitting I got quite a number of ‘you’re weird’ stares – not that that really matters but I haven’t seen many cafés with high desks though maybe I’m just thinking too much in a box, maybe I should be thinking : bars [though that might not be so conducive to my writing or my health in t – anyway..]

    to get this imprinted in my brain, lets see if the mini habit theory works:

    my goal is to stand while writing
    I weely weely want this – honest
    I won’t bore you with the ticks but I promise I’ll try

    I think standing may also help with my recent tendency to feel like I want to turn right back to bed after five minutes of writing my brain isn’t waking up. Maybe the heatings? I’m not a flamingo (or a pelican but I don’t have any flamingo pictures handy and I’ll have to check: do pelicans sleep standing up too?) so that should help keep me awake, I reckon. And then maybe that’ll lead on to me being punctual. It’s worth a try.

    right now I’m getting up, really I am..

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