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  • mY spoRadic wOrld of caPitalS

    I love woRds and I also love what they loOk like on a paGe

    woRds make iMages

    foRm idEas

                make imaGes

    fOrm other ideaS

    ANyway, I like to thinK that wEll,

    and now I’ll sliP into doG talK mode, but beaR with mE… 🙂

    I waS adviSed hoW importaNt it is for doGs to uSe theiR brains toO

    sO I tRy to take mY sweeT sweet beagle Sherlock on a differeNt route eveRy day

    THis got me thinKing…

    hoW caN I beSt traiN my bRain?

    I caMe up with the iDea of

    words with sporaDic capitals

    thinkinG that maYbe thiS will also nudGe me to see the woRld in a refreshingly

    cReative way by emphasiZing new possibilitieS?

    ps. it may take a wee big longeR to read

    and take soMe getting used to

    it might also be fuN, sEe what you thinK 🙂


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