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  • Happy Bee


    What does it sound like to lie

    upside down in a yellow husk

    of sunshine sipping

    sweet nectar –

    I wonder


    like when my baby girl

    sighed her loud

    exhausted full smile

    her weight filling my arms

    and I brushed off the tear

    of my milk from her padded cheek?


    or more of a thudding beat?

    that time, not quite forgotten, that led me down,

    down underground with nothing

    but candles to light my way

    in tiny bursts of light that flickered

    as the base filled with treble I followed

    to the place where the music

    cupped me and I flew


    I remember what it feels

    like – to lie on my back

    staring up at those sickly face masks

    just before they cut me open

    to save my firstborn baby boy

    from my withering placenta


    It’s like buzzing in and out

    and up and down

    though time

    collecting tiny droplets

    that will fill me


    made complete by the sound

    of that scarlet smile

    as my final bundle emerged

    from her spring crocus.

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