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    I’m amazed at the creativity all around me. I guess it’s that general christmas buzz. Which seems to be catching. Well, sort of (there are of course still moments I’d like to run off and leave it all behind for a camel trip through the Sahara and I’m being romantic here not political.) Even the weather can’t seem to decide whether it’s winter, autumn or spring.

    This year I’ve decided to let myself be inspired. Mainly because, according to my partner the kids seemed to be suffering massive defects from lack of christmas attention after what I decided two years ago was to be my biggest christmas coup:
    my little white christmas tree. Well, in an ideal world, I like to think of myself as minimalistic.

    Not this year. This year I’ve been busy splurging – on candles,

    diamond curtains that pour rainbows into the living room with the sun – and at this point, to be fair, the kids were thrilled –

    on a new, lighted diamond reindeer to replace our tired twig Rudolph who’s hanging in there but needs a bit of support and even a small set of linen curtains for a cosier chalet feel..

    I even spent an entire Saturday clearing up our stone garden from autumn leaves for Rudolph and his new bright mate. So, now the front of the house is done and the living room, I’m googling ideas for the dining room and the back garden. You’d think the kids would join in the fun.

    Nope. They think I’ve gone mad. “Enough,” they’re saying, “don’t you think it’s getting a bit much?” Who would’ve thought. But I will not concede, it is a matter of principle – if I tackle anything, I’ll do it right. Of course that is a matter of perception, political stance – I mean we are, one of the only car families and (now) with a glaring reindeer sucking up energy and (one) row of fairly lights framing the window on our street. Most of the other families only borrow cars for when they need to collect their Christmas tree and have hand-cut paper stars glued all over their windows – but my family wanted Christmas so they’re getting it.

    I even made a plan for the weeks until Christmas..

    and so you may wonder, yes, but what about the writing? And you’re right, how does one get all this festive excitement on a par with getting the word count going? It’s like the issue of my life all magnified into a month.

    What I’ve observed is that very busy people seem to manage well, everything and when I mention my new-found plan scheme they don’t seem surprised – at all. So I think I’ve caught onto something here. And another thing is that with that said plan I’ve realised there is actually quite a lot of time that is still open which I have now booked for writing. I’ve even specified my planning into categories:

    There’s the kind of writing you can do with kids in the house and the kind of writing you can do when they’re asleep.

    And indeed that helps me to be more focussed about editing and creative moments. Now all I need to do is remember to actually look at my plan and I’m sorted – who’d have thought life could be that simple 😉

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